Products that have spots for ads or sponsor recognition

Reduce or Eliminate cost of your Fundraising Projects!! Who doesn't like FREE stuff? 

Get a local business to sponsor printing product by placing sponsor spots for their business on the product you sell.   They get more business and you make more money! - they pay the some or all of the cost and your group sells making more profit!! - samples and offer ideas here.


Car Magnets and Stickers can have a sponsor spot - or announce sponsorship 


We support use of sponsor spots on public service messages and safety awareness campaigns on inexpensive items like Car Magnets, Stickers and License Plate frames.  

Sponsors on License Plate Frames


 The prominent spot on our license plate frames is most often at the bottom. It's the spot that catches the eye, however most plates also have lesser detail like the town name and state.


If you use the top line for a sponsor spot you wont have a lot of space but the may be happy to get their name out there as a sponsor. They know you will keep the plate frame on if the school or team name is on there. 

License plate frames are inexpensive at about $1.60 or so each for 250 units its an inexpensive way for the sponsor to keep their name out there.  

Stadium Cushions with Sponsor Spots

   Sponsor on back of cushion  

Cushions are high demand items but they cost a bit more to buy and ship in large containers. Offset some or all of the cost. Local businesses to sponsor printing cushions by offering sponsor spots. Put your groups name on one side and the sponsor spot on the other. They get more business and you make more money! 


Insulated Tumblers, Mugs and Stadium cups



Sponsor spots on products. Creative ways to reduce cost are to put a business spot which could be an offer or booster message.

Sponsor spots (or ads) can absorb or soften the shipping cost of products that ship in large containers like Insulated Tumblers Mugs, and Stadium Cushions as well as paying for the product. 


With Our new line of Stainless Steel, Double Walled, Vacuum Insulated with Copper Lining "Pro" Travel Tumblers you could alternatively use an order taker so you have the profit and cost before you order above the minimum factory requirement. 

   A simple way to get cost covered on cups is a refill offer or a "free drink with" offer that can be used at concession stands or at a local business. 

Here's the sponsor opportunity for your local Business. 

Place an ad on our cup. Your offer can be an upgrade to 16 oz at a small drink price. Free refill with breakfast to go. Half price drink day with an accompanying purchase... Bring customers to your door and help our group. Your donation of the cups will help our group continue in the community. Durable smooth stadium cups that can be used again and again! (The Ad color will be the same single color that is used for the front. )

Rally Towels 

  Sponsorship Rally Towels can be populated with just a few - or many ads as shown here. The towell can be paid for in advance by the sponsors and even generate profit on its own. t also can be sold at a game or as admission tickets to a game.