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Homeland Fundraising sells to customers nationwide.


This small business was founded in 2002. It's been rewarding to be able to help schools, local organizations, and teams raise funds for what they do for 18 years. We still use carefully selected suppliers and have a modest markup for our efforts. Artwork is done locally free of charge and we send proofs as well as full cost prior to making products. I wish I could talk to everyone who visits the site as I did when I started. There are very valid reasons to use us and we don't sell your name, number, email or complicate your life by hounding you. 


We focus on specific areas such as Car Magnets which remain the most popular and have the most repeat sales. We also feature Sports Event Day Fundraisers include Stadium Cushions  and Rally Towels.  

Our Long term relationships with manufacturers yield unique focused customer service and expertise in product logo design and adaptation that automated discount website companies simply do not have. 


We operate as a family business and prefer enjoy walking non professionals through a buying process that today is overpopulated with automation and novices. We carefully choose suppliers so that we are sure of the quality of everything we sell. Supplier manufacturing plants are in: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, California, Florida, Alabama, Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota, California & Washington State - We use the same ASI, SAGE and PPAI association software and databases as the largest firms in the country and are A+ rated by the BBB.


Why Homeland as a name? The company started shortly after 9/11 - when the country came together in a way we haven't witnessed in a long time. Since then a lot of focus is on security and safety. Keeping our Homeland safe is a very important mission as is making sure we also help our own communities. Hopefully through the efforts of folks like yourself who work with and support kid’s activities, we can keep our community’s programs strong and in turn our nation stays strong long term through our children's growth.

My background was high tech sales for over 20 years prior to beginning my own business. I’ve been in the local rotary, have served on the board of directors of KidsafeCT - (an organization dedicated to ending the cycle of child abuse), and I stay involved with community activities. The business allows my family to help other organizations like ones we depend on here in our community - across the country. We sell from coast to coast.  Schools, scouts, sports teams and church groups all use our products.

We are grateful for the opportunity to help where we can.


Kevin Kelleher
Homeland Fundraising

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We are always a phone call away at 860-292-1985