Fundraising with size choices

 Kids Custom Face Mask  Adult Custom Face Mask

As with the face masks shown above - commonly a fundraising effort will necessarily have audiences for different sizes or other choices. This follows the fundraiser model that many companies who offer standard unprinted items in PTO sales such as candy and similar items that can be pulled readily from an inventory at a source. 

Having choices can increase the sale and the overall success of the effort. It can be quite a good strategy if your audience is large enough. It is best however, where possible to stick with a single size or model when making a purchase unless the volume of each will exceed the minimum for each product. 

I custom product fundraising, every item is custom designed to fit the available print area and a die or file is set up for each specific item. While it can increase the audience, it complicates the buying process at times. All custom printed items are designed and run separately, even when using the same print, any size adjustment to afford adding product or sometimes even background color choice can increase both setup cost and the overall number of products purchased. 

Every setup will have an associated cost for the plant to create. The costs are shown on the products detail page. Every product that is custom printed also has minimums (generally 100) due to material setup. Essentially the more you buy, the cheaper it gets to make so you save money. Minimums are determined by each item and not the total order. 

We will help with design and choices based on our experience and what you intend to accomplish. We don't charge for design proofs or product advice. We have been doing this work for nearly 20 years and often work with volunteers who have limited exposure to custom printing. 

We can help.